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All of this all began with two friends. One has a background in programming. The other has a background in building and design. Together, both have 5+ years in moderating, and even managing servers for different companies. So, we have decided to build our own server from the ground up!


The Havens Edge MC staff is dedicated to our server and the rules we wish to uphold throughout our entire community! With this in mind we wish to also uphold our staff to the same standards. If you ever need help, you can always reach out to us with /ticket or through Discord.


We have MMO Style Survival, Creative, and more making it's way onto our network! We wish to share this experience with you, and we hope to make it the very best. If you would like to become involved in this project, feel free to join our Discord server. This is where we will uploading live updates, and recieving feedback as we progress further along. Do consider checking out our store, where we will be selling CUSTOM ingame artworks, perks, and many more.



Our Survival server is a MMO styled server using things like Runecraft, McMMO, Magic and much more to provide a fun experience. The server also supports a gold based economy to allow people to trade items between eachother or get in game items from in game shops.

Havens Edge MC Survival Server


Our Creative server has a fun building experience that allows you to use world edit to help shape the world! We also plan to have more cool features coming soon that will have a chance to be featured on the servers and forums (when those come out) too.

Havens Edge MC Server




The Current owner of Havens Edge MC. Attempting to learn code and network development while also working on Havens Edge MC to help teach myself more about development while making it fun for myself and everyone else.


Head Graphic Designer

Neurodivergent mix media artist and head builder for the Havens Edge Minecraft server. Working to bring unique visuals and interactive items to our player base. Be sure to keep an eye out on the Estore!


We just Updated the Website!!

We currently have more plans to add a forum but for now we are glad to have gotten out the new website and we plan to add more!

We have plans in the future to add a revamped forums to allow us to engage more with our community!

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Email - [email protected]

Discord - https://havensedgemc.com/discord